About IGL2019

Building on the success of our last three international conferences in London, Barcelona and Boston, the Innovation Growth Lab (IGL) was delighted to host our fourth annual Global Conference, IGL2019 in Berlin from 21-23 May.

Delegates should you attend?

  • Learn from experts in the field at a range of specially designed workshops, panels and talks. Gain practical tools, tips and advice that will inspire you to build capacity for experimentation and innovation policy in your organisations.

  • Join useful debates on the current landscape of innovation policymaking: exchange views on the latest trends in innovation policy, experimentation and entrepreneurship.

  • Be part of a global community of researchers, policymakers and practitioners working on the cutting edge of innovation, experimentation and policy design. IGL2018 brought together policymakers and researchers from over 23 countries worldwide.

  • Be inspired by, and learn from, the organisations making waves in this field: with small-scale sessions and workshops run by the Laboratory or Innovation Science at Harvard, the Max Planck Institute, Nesta and World Bank Group.