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Enterprise and employment growth: youth trainings and mentorship in Tanzania

By Nathan Fiala, Margherita Calderone, Lemayon Melyoki, Rachel Steinacher on Monday, 20 July 2020.

Youth account for 60% of the unemployed in Africa. One approach to increasing employment among youth is to provide training and mentoring for young people to help them find jobs or start new businesses. This study evaluates the impact of a training and mentorship program with a robust long-term support component on Tanzanian youth’s employment, entrepreneurial activities, and self-confidence.

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Support for businesses and innovators in the time of Covid-19: The role of innovation agencies

By Marieke Goettsch and Alex Glennie on Tuesday, 9 June 2020.

By now it is clear that the Covid-19 pandemic is much more than a global health crisis. In this blog, Marieke Goettsch and Alex Glennie outline the impact Covid-19 has had on innovation, and the role innovation agencies can play in the recovery effort.

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“Act Fast and Do Whatever It Takes”: Leading economists’ recommendations for business support during COVID-19

By Eszter Czibor on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

In this post, we collect insights from the book which we hope will be particularly useful for policymakers designing crisis support for businesses, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, during this time.

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IGL for Equal

By Eszter Czibor and Meg Doherty on Thursday, 5 March 2020.

Our team at the Innovation Growth Lab is quite international, but there is one thing we all shared growing up, whether we went to school in Germany, Spain, Hungary or the UK: our school textbooks almost exclusively featured straight, white men. They were the heros, poets, artists, scientists and revolutionaries - women, and especially people with different sexual or gender identities were largely invisible.

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IGL Working Paper Series Launch

By Meg Doherty on Monday, 2 March 2020.

This month, we’re delighted to launch the IGL Working Paper Series. Our new series of working papers will showcase interesting trials in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth, alongside those funded by the IGL Grants Programme, in partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Argidius Foundation.

Meet the minds behind the research: Timm Opitz

By Meg Doherty on Monday, 3 February 2020.

After the Winter Research Meeting in November, we’re highlighting the people behind the research - understanding the motivations for their work, the effect their research has on the wider world, and further research questions which have come to light over the course of their research. Part two joins Timm Opitz from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition.

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“Confused” or “unimaginative”? How the adoption of a scientific approach improves entrepreneurial decisions

By Arnaldo Camuffo, Alfonso Gambardella, Chiara Spina on Friday, 10 January 2020.

Despite the growing awareness of the different approaches and techniques used to improve decision making, there is little scientific understanding of the best approach. In this IGL funded trial, researchers from Bocconi University present their findings from a randomised controlled trial (RCT) into whether adopting a scientific approach improves entrepreneurial decision making and firm performance.