EU-Funded Trials

IGL are providing support and expertise to randomised controlled trials and pilots funded by the European Commission through the INNOSUP-06-2018 programme to help innovation agencies design and test new innovation support programmes. 

In 2018, the European Commission introduced a new EU Horizon 2020 programme, to encourage innovation agencies across Europe to experiment in their policy programmes.

From Austria to Spain, via the UK and Lithuania, 27 national and regional agencies are testing new solutions to promote innovation using methods such as co-creation and user-centred design. For most of the agencies, this is the first time they’ve experimented with randomised controlled trials or smaller pilots to learn how well these new programmes work.

At the Innovation Growth Lab, we’ve been supporting both the EU and innovation agencies to succeed. And over the next few years, we’ll start to see the evidence emerging from these experiments.

If you want to find out more about the INNOSUP-06 trials and pilots, we have a whole range of resources to share, from a webinar recording to a report detailing our learnings so far! See below for links.

What is the INNOSUP-06 programme?


Where is the INNOSUP-06 programme taking place?