Policy ideas and analysis

Inspiring policymakers to make impactful changes through new ideas and analysis

Why it matters?

Policymakers face the critical task of designing and implementing impactful interventions that can drive positive change. To empower them in this mission, they need new ideas and inspiration as well as clear tools and information, grounded in expertise and rigorous studies. Equally important is a deep understanding of how to effectively apply insights from evidence, as well as the ability to make constructive changes in the design, implementation, and improvement of policies based on their real-world impact.

Our work and impact 

At IGL, we have long championed the adoption and promotion of an experimental approach to enhance science, innovation, entrepreneurship and business policies. Beyond individual projects or partnerships to help individual organisations develop their capabilities in this area, we also advocate widely in favour of a shift from traditional to experimental policy design and development. 

To further this important goal we have worked closely with leaders and decision-makers globally to champion more impactful and innovative policies. Following our campaign for experimentation funds, both the UK and the EU have launched dedicated funding calls for experiments in innovation and growth policy, legitimising the value of policy experimentation in this field and supporting many organisations to set up their first experiments.

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