Accelerating Science-based Growth Through Co-innovation

Does the participation in co-innovation training activities positively influence academic researchers’ and industry participants’ intentions to engage in university-industry co-innovation projects? How do intentions translate into direct engagement in university-industry co-innovation projects?

Despite some isolated successful cases in the US, technology transfer from universities has rarely been repeated in Europe Technology transfer remains one of the key challenges for academic researchers looking to become a driving force of socioeconomic growth. Furthermore, policy efforts to incentivise academic entrepreneurs or innovation across university campuses have rendered mixed results.

The aim of this trial is to explore the motivations of academic and industry players to engage, or not, in collaborative innovation (co-innovation) projects. Training activities which engage university and industry participants can be a determinant for formal innovation and entrepreneurial projects. The trial objective is to determine the effects of tailored training programmes focused on modifying the co-innovation intention and its cognitive antecedents. This trial will study a group of individuals affiliated to academic institutions and industry actors in the border region of Southern Denmark.

The outcomes of the trial should provide actionable evidence to the regional actors to further activate science-based innovation and entrepreneurship.