Unlocking Innovative Potential: Experimentation Programme

Innovation offers huge potential to improve society, health, systems and better connect people. However, it has been documented that often these benefits and opportunities are not equally spread. Many innovative sectors are characterised by a lack of diversity. For now, there is little evidence on ways to reduce these barriers and unlock the potential of the people left out. 

IGL’s Unlocking Innovative Potential: Experimentation Programme is a one-year project, funded by UK Research and Innovation, that supports efforts to expand and diversify the UK R&D workforce by enabling a step change in how interventions are evaluated and optimised. It aims to provide robust evidence on the outcomes and best practices for effective interventions that could provide useful evidence for UK science and innovation policy. 

The programme brings together researchers, policymakers and practitioners delivering programmes aligned with UK policy objectives, to test the feasibility of utilising experimental research methods to generate new insights and to close evidence gaps.  This programme is a first of its kind in terms of policy focus and ambition, and will set the basis for IGL’s approach in the area of the Lost Innovative Potential which we hope to replicate in other OECD countries.