Read our brief on why we need more experimental policies, how organisations can become more experimental, and what IGL is doing to help.
On 13-14 June, 2017 in Barcelona IGL will host its second annual Global Conference to showcase and debate the latest trends and cutting-edge ideas in innovation, entrepreneurship and growth policy, and the power of experimentation to transform this space.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Embarking on a journey of policy experimentation might be easier with just a first small step…

Keen to encourage a culture of experimentation amongst policy makers, IGL has been examining the barriers that prevent its adoptions – finding that these include a reluctance to disrupt the status quo, fears of a backlash if ‘lotteries’ are used to allocate support or simply that evaluation is considered too late.

IGL Projects

IGL is undertaking and supporting a number of randomised trials globally.

What is the effectiveness of goal setting and accountability to promoting business growth and learning outcomes?

Is there an effect of incubator spaces on the survival of startups and their economic performance? And if so, why?

Can a more focused, mini-accelerator programme be an effective and low-cost approach to increase startups’ growth?

What is the impact of different types of knowledge transfer activities on the number and quality of business-science interactions?

What is the impact of different types of entrepreneurial training programmes? Do training programmes on business skills or non-cognitive entrepreneurial skills have similar effects?

How do different types of proximity impact collaboration and knowledge generation? How should we design research campuses to maximize the probability of breakthrough innovation taking place?

Research network

The IGL Research Network includes researchers from around the world working on randomised trials related to innovation, high-growth entrepreneurship and growth.


IGL is an international initiative led by Nesta in partnership with several public and private organisations around the world.