We collaborate with practitioners to generate and apply evidence to their programmes

We are dedicated to supporting practitioners and implementers working in the fields of innovation, science, entrepreneurship and business policy to use data and evidence to improve their programmes. Within our work, we are always open to supporting organisations on how to embed experimentation and improve programme design, as well as looking for implementers interested in partnering with us and researchers to test new ideas. 

Through tailor-made projects, we engage with practitioners and implementers to ideate, design and evaluate solutions to their current challenges within the domains of science, innovation, entrepreneurship and business policy. We also collaborate with practitioners to bolster their capacity for experimental programme design, as well as to broaden their understanding and use of evidence and data as decision-making tools.

If you are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to get in touch and explore our tailored resources we offer below.


  • Are you keen to dive deeper into the experimental approach and understand how to put it into practice effectively? Explore our RCT guide, delving into all aspects of an experiment and guiding prospective experimenters through the process from start to finish in an easy and accessible way.
  • Do you work in the space of entrepreneurship and business support and are you interested in exploring ideas to improve the effectiveness of your practice? Check out our Evidence Bites, a series of short and actionable insights we have uncovered from experimental research.
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