We work with policymakers to help them test new ideas, improve their programmes, and become more experimental and data-driven

At IGL we work with government agencies and ministries across the globe to enhance the impact of their science, innovation, entrepreneurship and business policies through new policy ideas, experimentation, data and evidence. 

We’ve worked with over 35 government agencies worldwide to help them become more experimental and data-driven. With our support they have started to change their internal culture, build their capabilities, developed their first experiments, accessed better evidence, improved their programmes through changes in their design, explored how to better exploit their internal data, and even secured external funding for in-house experiments.

Our collaborations with governments can be structured in different ways:

  • Becoming an IGL Partner: The IGL global partnership brings together government agencies and ministries with an interest in designing and implementing more impactful policies and programmes and a commitment to constantly try out new ideas and learn from their implementation. IGL Partners receive support from our team, participate in the network's peer learning activities, and contribute to advance our shared agenda. Find out more about becoming an IGL Partner.
  • Capacity building: IGL regularly delivers capacity building workshops for organisations interested in learning how to improve the use of evidence, experimentation, data science and AI in their activities. Our training programmes are tailored to an organisations’ needs, adapting the format, content and level as needed. We’ve also developed group-wide programmes bringing together several organisations (such as the TAFTIE Experiment Taskforce) and also offer training programmes for individuals.
  • Project consulting & advisory: We regularly advise government agencies and support them to ideate, design and evaluate solutions to their current policy challenges. We help them identify opportunities to design more impactful programmes, build experimental cultures, set up policy experiments, develop data science & AI projects, and undertake other types of research and advisory activities.
  • Experimentation funds: We collaborate with governments to set up and deliver experimentation funds that identify, develop and test new policy ideas and programmes in order to find more cost-effective approaches to address a policy challenge, such as the UK Business Basics Fund or the EU Innosup Experimentation Funding Programme.
  • Joining an IGL initiative: IGL initiatives bring together leading organisations, researchers, practitioners and funders to ideate, develop, test and scale cost-effective solutions to address key challenges. Governments are invited to join and shape these initiatives, leveraging economies of scale by working together with other organisations sharing a similar challenge. Current focus areas for IGL initiatives include accelerating science commercialisation and business-university collaboration; recovering lost innovative potential to build more inclusive innovation ecosystems; and greening businesses through faster adoption of green & digital technologies & practices.

See this overview to learn more about our work and how we collaborate with governments, and reach out to us if you would like to find out more and/or explore a collaboration.


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