We work with researchers to generate and disseminate experimental research on pressing policy challenges

IGL aims to lower the key barriers to high-impact experimental research, promote knowledge advancement, and enable more researchers to conduct impactful studies in the fields of science, innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

The heart of our research community is the IGL Research Network, a thriving community of over a hundred academic researchers from around the world interested in working on randomised controlled trials related to science, innovation, entrepreneurship and growth. 

We are committed to nurturing our network of researchers and supporting the broader research community in multiple ways. The IGL Grants Programme, a $3 million competitive research fund, supported pilots and full scale RCTs globally. We also offer guidance and support on trial design and implementation, matching services to identify suitable implementing partners, and various dissemination channels, such as our Trials Database, the Evidence Bites portal or the IGL Working Paper Series. Furthermore, we facilitate community gatherings through our annual summer conferences, winter research meetings, PhD workshops, online events and our more recent collaboration with CFXS - the annual Conference on Field Experiments in Strategy.

We are also developing communities of researchers interested in our new thematic programmes and are interested in partnering with researchers from diverse fields to explore a wide array of policy ideas and programmes. 

We invite researchers who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of innovation and aspire to bridge the gap between research and policy on a large scale to join our vibrant community. If you share this vision, we would love to connect with you and explore opportunities for impactful collaboration.


  • Explore the latest experimental research in the fields of innovation, science, entrepreneurship and growth through our online Trial Database and the IGL Working Paper series. Please let us know if the database entry for the trials that you’ve conducted is missing information or not up-to-date.  Similarly, reach out if you would like to submit an experimental research paper for publication as an IGL Working Paper. 
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