Evidence to action

Translating insights from evidence into practical policy ideas 

Why it matters

 Having access to evidence is essential, but simply generating data and research findings is not enough to ensure positive outcomes in the real world. We recognise that the transformation of evidence into meaningful impact requires additional work and support.

A body of evidence is far more influential than a single study. Policymakers need a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the effectiveness of different approaches to address complex challenges. By analysing and synthesising multiple studies, we can provide policymakers with clearer direction and a broad range of lessons they can draw on, adapting them to suit their unique local conditions. 

Moreover, policymakers often face time and resource constraints, making it difficult for them to analyse and extract relevant lessons from research. It is essential to bridge this gap by offering readily available and easily digestible insights that can be directly applied to their decision-making processes.

Our work and impact

At IGL, we have been at the forefront of efforts to make evidence actionable. Our team is experienced in creating user-friendly resources that empower policymakers and practitioners with the insights they need to make informed decisions. Our Evidence Bites offer accessible summaries of experimental studies, distilling complex findings into easily understandable takeaways. We actively engage with policymakers and practitioners through seminars and blog articles, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange to enhance evidence utilisation. As part of our commitment to knowledge dissemination, we share cutting-edge research through our IGL Working Paper series, connecting researchers and practitioners worldwide.

Key resources