New partnership: CDTI Innovación

The CDTI Innovación joins the Innovation Growth Lab (IGL) in a partnership to become a more experimental organisation and further embed robust evaluation and evidence. 

The CDTI Innovación is Spain’s national innovation agency under the Ministry for Science, Innovation and Universities. Their mission is the promotion of innovation and technological development by financing R&D&I business projects and supporting the creation and consolidation of technology-based enterprises via venture capital and investment.

By joining IGL, the CDTI Innovación further strengthens its commitment to the evaluation of the impact of its programs, a crucial input for decision-making processes and the design of new instruments. It will also help disseminate the impact of the various programs towards possible new ventures that align with the CDTI’s goals. With the expert support of IGL, the CDTI seeks to become a more experimental organisation, with a robust evidence-based approach, aligned with the national R&D&I policies and with the support of the wider innovation ecosystem. Experimentation will be essential to gain evidence on the function and impact of public policies, enhancing the capacity for adaptation and response to current challenges.  

For further information about the Innovation Growth Lab and its pioneering work in policy experimentation, please visit IGL's official website.